In addition to training and professional development opportunities that will be provided by each individual local government sponsor, VLGMF in partnership with ICMA will provide the opportunity for Fellows to complete the ICMA Local Government 101 Certificate.

The Local Government 101 certificate provides training to local government professionals in those key skills and practices that are the foundation of becoming an effective local government manager.

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Service Delivery
  • Budgeting
  • Human Resources

What is Local Government 101?

This interactive online certificate program immerses you in the special challenges that confront the local government manager today. Taught by experienced managers and local government experts, this online certificate program is designed to impart real-life experience, best practices, and sound advice in the areas most important to a manager’s day-to-day role. 

Gain Your Competitive Edge

Local Government 101 is designed to help new and mid-career managers, assistant managers, and even career-changers new to local government, gain the competitive edge in leading their communities and advancing their careers. This five-course, 15-session program provides the basic skills you need to do an outstanding job for your community and make yourself marketable in the increasingly competitive field of local government management. Courses include:

  • Effective Local Government Manager 
  • Human Resources and Staff Effectiveness 
  • Understanding and Creating a Municipal Budget
  • Managing Local Government Services 
  • Become an Effective Leader