The Veterans Local Government Management Fellowship recruitment process traditionally begins three months prior to the beginning of a cohort class. The list of sponsoring municipalities and local governments will grow and change during each cohort based on individual local government’s needs. Each military installation will have a separate application with a unique list of local government sponsors. 

Cohort 19-01 applications are still open and will close on 19 December 2018. Fellows will be placed with local governments for a period of 16 weeks between 07 Jan – 26 Apr 2019. If you have extenuating circumstances related to your transition schedule that does not align with the cohort dates, please include those considerations in your application. We will attempt accommodate your Fellowship schedule with your transition dates 

A complete application packet consists of the following:

1) complete online NEOGOV application

2) resume

3) cover letter

4) commander’s authorization memo (Army)* or Air Force Virtual Education Center [AFVEC] approval letter (Air Force)  

To qualify you must be a service member who is: 

  • On active duty and within 180 days of transition (separation or retirement) from military service.
  • Holds a Bachelor’s Degree with 3+ years of leadership experience (or equivalent related experience) OR
  • Holds an Associate’s Degree with 5+ years of leadership experiences (or equivalent related experience) WITH the intent to complete their Bachelor’s Degree in the next 3 years.
  • Have a strong interest in serving in local government management.
  • Possesses one or more of the following areas of experience that are relevant to local government management: international local government experience, public affairs, information operations and public relations, engineering, public works, utilities, human resources, procurement & contract management, public policy analysis, law enforcement, information technology, fire or EMS services, public finance, strategic management, parks and recreation, project or program management, economic development, fleet/facilities management, and business or public administration.
  • Have the support of Battalion Commander (or equivalent) to participate with signed Memorandum of Participation or an Air Force Virtual Education Center [AFVEC] approval letter.