Veterans Local Government Management Fellow, Everett Morrow, SGM (Ret.) Has been hired as Project Manager for the Hazard Mitigation Resiliency Department with the City of Manitou Springs, Colorado.  

Everett recently served as a VLGMF Fellow with the cities of Fountain and Manitou Springs, splitting his fellowship time between both municipalities. Everett received fellowship experience in the Engineering, Streets, and Electric Departments at Fountain, and the Hazard Mitigation Resiliency Department with the City of Manitou Springs.

Executing a seamless transition, Everett retired from the Army last week and is now serving as project manager with the City of Manitou Springs. Everett served 30 years in the U.S. Army culminating as the SGM with the Directorate of Public Works at Fort Carson, Colorado.

Everett attributed his successful transition from participating in the VLGMF Program and having, “…gained a tremendous amount of knowledge from many different departments about local government functions within the City of Fountain.  It was very beneficial to participate in this phenomenal program and be coached by a different groups of professionals.  I was treated as a permanent member of the Fountain team and I am grateful for the experience.  I highly encourage all transitioning Soldiers to consider this awesome program.” 

We wish Everett the best of luck in his second career in Local Government and we know he will serve as an incredible ambassador for the program for many years to come. 

The application deadline for Cohort 17-02 is 4 August.  Those selected for Cohort 17-02 will conduct their fellowships from 14 August to 4 December. Interviews are tentatively scheduled for 10 August following the application deadline. Fellowship openings with El Paso County, Jefferson County, City of Lakewood, and City of Aurora, Colorado are still available.  Please apply soon!

Go to https://vlgmf.org/apply/ to apply. Please send all program inquiries to dtangeman@vlgmf.org or call 719-325-6416

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