John Trylch

Recent Veterans Local Government Management Fellow and retiring Army Lieutenant Colonel John Trylch has been hired as the City of Fountain’s new Community Engagement Manager.  John served as a Fellow for the City of Colorado Springs, where he worked as a member of the City Council staff. 

“I am really excited to join such a dedicated and impressive team at the City of Fountain and to serve the local community.  I can’t thank the VLGMF program enough for creating the perfect environment to meet, work and learn from great professionals across the spectrum of municipal functions and services.  My fellowship experience was exactly the mentoring, professional development and networking opportunity I needed to help find a new career in local government.”

John enlisted in the Army in 1993, first serving as a Medical Specialist (91B), until receiving an ROTC Scholarship and soon after a commission as an Armor Officer in 1997.  After almost 10 years in the combat arms and tours in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iraq, John was selected to become a Foreign Area Officer (FAO), specializing in the Western Hemisphere.  He finished the rest of his military career working on various security and defense cooperation matters all across Latin America. 

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