The Veterans Local Government Management Fellowship is a 16 to 20-week Department of Defense Military Installation approved Career Skills Program that provides transitioning service members with management training and hands-on experience in the local government environment with the goal of preparing them for smooth transitions into local government careers. This program matches eligible and selected fellows with surrounding local government sponsors based on skills, education, experience, and the preferences of both parties.

Cohort 17-02 applications have now closed and cohort 18-01 is now open. Fellowship placement for those selected for cohort 17-02 will occur 14 August to 4 December. 

2018 Scheduled Cohort Dates: 

Cohort 18-01: 08 Jan –  27 Apr 2018 (Deadline to Apply:  15 Dec 2017)

Cohort 18-02: 14 May – 30 Aug 2018 (Deadline to Apply:  20 Apr 2018)

Cohort 18-03: 10 Sep – 20 Dec 2018 (Deadline to Apply:  17 Aug 2018)​